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Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting


If you would like more information about having our saddle fitter come to your farm or if you would like to schedule a saddle fitting, please contact at sales@arttackshop.com

Please email questions about our store or any products to Pelham Saddlery at at info@artackshop.com

Instruction to follow

Choosing a saddle

Below is a series of guides to help you get the best out of your saddle

  • What kind of activity do you mostly take part in?.
  • Do you have any colour preferences?.
  • Does your horse have any anatomical characteristics to take into account?.
  • What kind of saddles are most comfortable for you to ride in?.


Information on Saddle

Below is a series of information to help you get the best out of your saddle

  • If you specialise in a particular discipline, the choice may not be so hard. For showing, dressage and jumping, there are specialised saddles designed to help you and your horse with that particular task.
  • The General Purpose saddle is the most popular saddle for general riding. It is very versatile, and is designed for people wanting to do a little bit of everything..
  • If you want to show off your horses shoulder, you may wish to pick a more straight cut saddle, such as a working hunter saddle or a VSD.
  • These saddles have flaps that are more forward than a dressage saddle but slightly straight than a GP.

Who we Are?

  • Tack Awareness

    These checks are only intended as a general guide. ALWAYS seek professional advice especially on the fit and balance of your saddle. Our aim is to give you awareness that will benefit you and your horse.
  • Care Instruction

    The Saddle Company Ltd use serge wool panels which provide just about the softest and most forgiving material that you can put onto your horses back. The flocking underneath the serge is soft and springy when it leaves the factory and the first few hours of the saddles use are critical in moulding the serge and flocking to fit your horses back. This is known as the "bedding in" period.
  • Cleaning Your Saddle

    All that is necessary with the Verona range of saddles is to wipe the saddle over with a damp cloth when it gets dirty.Do not use any kind of saddle soap or oil on these saddles as this could compromise the laminated process which combines the leather and synthetic materials together. Occasionally feed the hide on your saddle with a good quality leather cream to preserve and maintain the softness and suppleness of the leather.elit.