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About Us


A R International,is proud to be the manufacturer and exporter of a large range of riding Tacks and Apparels. We believe in the popularity and affordability of our products. We do not believe it's prestigious to pay more. We encourage you to shop the market place and compare prices. We are confident you will agree, our prices not only can't be matched; but are lower than those of any other manufacturer..

We hope you are pleased with our catalog selection. If you need a more comprehensive description or general information on any of our products, it's available to you by mailing us or calling us . We want you to have just as much faith in our products as we do; and we, therefore, stand behind everything we sell. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Our unit promises a marathon of leather previews. It will showcase its pret-a-porter collection like saddles, Tacks, Horse clothings, Chaps and other Leather/Nylon products. All this and much more, to keep you in touch with an incredible array of leather goods, we shall always want you to surf through our website to know what's new in the channel

What we Specialzed ?

We manufacture & specialaized all kind of saddles such as western saddles, english saddles, treeless saddles, australian saddles, girth etc. Like with western horse saddles, English horse saddles can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Each type of English saddle is designed with a certain purpose in mind .

Like a barrel saddle is designed with barrel racing in mind. For example a dressage saddle is designed with dressage in mind. In this article the different types of English saddles will be explained and what each saddle purpose is and how it designed to suit that purpose

Saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, martingales, and breastplates are all forms of horse tack. Equipping a horse is often referred to as tacking up. A room to store such equipment, usually near or in a stable, is a tack room.

A selection of tack used in conjunction with the saddle, bridle or both. Breastplate, martingale, crupper, bit guards, rein stops, fly fringes, identity tags and fulmer keepers

Information about the different types of bridle's available; Bitless, Bosal, Double, Endurance, Hackamore, Sidepull, Snaffle and Western Bridles. Parts of the bridle; Browband, Cavesson, Cheekpiece, Crownpiece, Noseband, Throatlash 'Throatlatch', Reins.

The four main types of bridle are the snaffle, double, western, and endurance. Traditionally these bridles come in leather which, provided that they are well maintained, will be long lasting and comfortable for the horse to wear. You can also get synthetic bridles (such as nylon) which come in a varying colors and are easy to clean and maintain.

There are many rugs available and knowing each ones suitability will help you to choose the most suitable one.Exercise, Fleece, Fly, Foal, Sweat, Stable, Turnout and Under Rugs.

Information about the different types of bit available Continental, D-Ring, Double Bridle 'Bradoon and Weymouth', Eggbut, Full Cheek, Filet Baucher 'Hanging Cheek', Fulmer, Gag, Kimblewick, Loose Ring, Pee Wee, Pelham, Specialist, Sweet Iron and Copper Bits. Snaffle Bits, Pelham Bits, Double Bits, Gag Bits, Bitless Bits.

Who we Are?

  • Our Values

    We value each customer and pride ourselves on great customer service. If you are looking for top quality products at a great price look no further than AR INTERNATIONAL Saddlery! Our staff are experts in the equestrian field and offer a wealth of knowledge to help guide you into making the right decision. Whether you’re a top-level competitor or just ride for pleasure our one-stop-shop provides all your horse and riding requirements.
  • Our Vision

    Our shop stocks all your equestrian needs from the stable floor right up to the latest equestrian trends, including riding tack and apparel, vet and farrier supplies, supplements, health products and much more. We also provide several services including saddle fittings which are carried our by our two experienced and qualified saddle fitters.
  • Our Strategy

    Other services include, horse rug and tack manufacturing and repair, saddlery repairs and tailor made riding boots. Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide feed and supplement advice and general product information. For further personal service and advice please telephone us on +91-988-9471-725